Smart Self-Service Station

The integration of information technology allows kiosks to provide a more diverse range of self-service functions. For example, logging in with health insurance cards, accessing membership card information, pre-ordering goods, printing coupons, checking library book availability, searching for product information, and providing hotel key cards, among others. Such products can be applied in areas with high human and vehicle traffic, such as shopping malls, hospitals, hotel lobbies, or amusement centers, offering users the ability to self-complete the services they need.

Joyplux Technology offers a variety of peripheral components such as cameras, card readers, and thermal paper printers, allowing for the customization of dedicated self-service machines based on customer needs.

SELF-SERVICE KIOSK Series Products Product appearance design, colors, and additional features are all customizable. Welcome to inquire via email.
This model is equipped with a camera, barcode scanner, card reader, and printer. It is suitable for use in hospital lobbies and waiting areas, in conjunction with hospital management systems. Patients can independently register their National Health Insurance card information, check-in, and print payment receipts. When the machine is idle and not in use, it can also be utilized for public information display, providing an effective means of promoting hospital policies or outpatient information.
21.5" Guest Service Machine

This model is equipped with a chip card reader. It is suitable for wall-mounting at the entrance of clinics, allowing patients to conveniently check in by inserting their cards. Its compact and space-saving design makes it suitable for various types of clinics, ensuring it doesn't take up unnecessary space.
diverse additional features Design and plan various functional modules according to application requirements.

NFC Induction Card Reader

Chip card reader

Thermal printers

barcode reader


Multimedia speakers