Interactive Information Service Station

Modern Information Service Station optimized for the quality of information dissemination and enhanced visitor experience.

An interactive information service station is a computer terminal created with specific hardware and software specifications to provide communication, business, entertainment, or educational information and application services.
For KIOSKs focused on information display, they have simple operations and are suitable for various public spaces such as restaurants, hotels, transportation hubs, public institutions, or academic organizations. This enhances the quality and speed of information dissemination.
Joyplux Technology has extensive experience in information KIOSK development and can customize information service stations for different occasions. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.

INFORMATION KIOSK Product Series The exterior color and design of the machine body can be customized. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.
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Basic standalone horizontal information kiosk, with a simple design and a stable base, suitable for installation in high-traffic areas such as department stores, government offices, etc. Colors and sizes can be customized. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.
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Custom-designed vertical information kiosk, featuring a large display range and a unique brand image. Suitable for use in brand stores, distinctive attractions, and other environments. Colors and sizes can be customized. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.
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Equipped with a four-wheel mobile base for easy movement, suitable for highly mobile environments such as exhibition venues and event spaces.
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A double-sided KIOSK designed for multi-user simultaneous use, with displays at different heights to accommodate the needs of various user groups. Suitable for installation in medical facilities, care institutions, and similar environments.
JoyAD Multimedia Display Solution Editing Software
Ad Carousel, Information Bulletin, Electronic Menu

JoyAD is an editing software for a multimedia display solution,
featuring user-friendly interfaces, rapid proposal generation,
and support for touch functionalities.
Its versatile component library allows users to easily unleash their creativity,
making it suitable for editing and producing public broadcast information.
JoyGuide Interactive Navigation Editing Software
Navigation and Coupon Distribution for Department Stores and Transportation Hubs

JoyGuide3 is an editing software designed specifically for interactive navigation system solutions.
This software includes an interface editing tool with rich functionality components
and backend database system features. The backend database, server-centric,
allows remote control and updates for single or multiple navigation devices
while collecting customer data for market analysis.
With JoyGuide3's comprehensive component functionality,
it provides an ideal way to design interactive
navigation solutions applicable to various environments.
JoyCalling 5 Multimedia Queue Management System
Medical Institutions, Food and Beverage Industry, Financial Institutions

Versatile Application Fields
Used in various public service areas requiring queue management and diversion
(Medical facilities, banks, food and beverage industry, etc.)
Control of Multiple Devices
Centralized control of devices for integrated operations
Comes with Advertising Display Functionality
Embedded with different advertising content for marketing or brand promotion.