Product Information

Touch monitor
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Touch monitor


Product introduction

Touch monitors are developed in the form of resistive, capacitive, ultrasonic, infrared and optical technologies.
The touch products developed by JoypluxTechnology mainly adopt optical touch technology and projected capacitive technology.
Optical touch technology
Projected capacitive multi-touch technology

Product advantages and features

Use A-Class backlight module panel
Multi-media speaker inside
Support RS232 and RS485 remote control
Source auto detect function
Support synchronized image output
Full metal casing structure
Projected capacitive multi-touch technology/ Optical touch technology

Touch monitor

Products Identificationof product
21”LEDTouch monitor TMX2100
32”LEDTouch monitor TMX3200
43”LEDTouch monitor TMX4300
55”LEDTouch monitor TMX5500
65”LEDTouch monitor TMX6500

All-in-one touch monitor

Products Identificationof product
43”LED All-in-one touch monitor AOT4300
55”LED All-in-one touch monitor AOT5500
65”LED All-in-one touch monitor AOT6500