Product Information

JoyOrder self - ordering KIOSK
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JoyOrder self - ordering KIOSK


Product introduction

JoyOrderis an all-in-one self-ordering KIOSK designed for restaurants and retailers. The intelligence self-service system helps to speed up ordering process and also to eliminate potential human errors.
It supports multiple payment methods, inventory management, digital ads broadcast, data collection and customize easily. It is suitable for different fields of application.

Product features

Simple and intuitive order steps. Customized ordering interface. Menu editor. Support multiple payment methods. Backstage management system.

Product advantages

Restaurant efficiency. Accurate ordering process. Multiple payment methods. Promotion enhancement.Increase revenue.

Hardware accessories and design

Ergonomically designed
Ideal for any space
Bright, high definition 32” touch screen
Various mounting options to minimize floor space
Free choice of hardware accessories
Modular design for easy maintenance

External Printer
(tag sticker)
External Printer
(Counter /Kitchen)
Coaster Pager

Restaurant efficency

Help to redeploy the workforce to more smart customer retention and dinning room management.


Provide faster service so to increase table turnover.
Cross promotion of specific items for revenue increase.

Promotion enhancement

Promote posters or videos according to your needs.
Realize paperless advertising and entertainment


Allow customers to engage directly with the ordering system to ensure they get what they want.

Multiple payment methods

Supports multiple payment methods for consumers with different payment methods

Customer loyalty

The integrated content designing tools helps to create a truly unique dinning experience for customers.

7 easy ordering steps.


7 Steps ordering process
Sophisticated human-machine interface
Allow customers to complete their orders, payment, receipt in one station.

Menu Editor

Category menu structure
Independent Dine In/ Take out menu
Combo meal/ special set menu

User's Interface Editor

Custom interface/layout design
Scheduled AD carousal
In page video display
Special event/promotion notification

Backstage Management System

Daily transaction records
Transactions sum up between shifts
Refund to original payment method
Provide inventory control for single store to reduce operating costs

32” Vertical self-ordering KIOSK
21” Vertical self-ordering KIOSK
21” Horizontal self-ordering KIOSK