Product Information

Stand-Alone KIOSK or Guide KIOSK
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Stand-Alone KIOSK or Guide KIOSK


Product introduction

Our Stand-Alone KIOSK can use JoypluxTechnologies exclusive JoyGuide3 softwareand create a unique display platform for you.
JoyGuide3 is a design software for multimedia interactive KIOSK solutions. It includes editing tools(backstage), display function(frontstage) and server based remote monitoring system. It provides an ideal way to design the best KIOSK solution for a variety of environments.

Product features

3D Map route guide system. Public facilities guide. Store/Facility searching system.AD carousalsystem. Broadcast system. Database system.

Product advantages

Customize easily. Enhance marketing advertising efficiency.Paperless advertising function. Multiple additional functions(Camera, Printer, Barcode scanner). Powerful database.

Product application fields

1.Area guide and introduction
2.Store/Facility searching system
3.Public facilities guide and introduction
4.AD carousal function


Integrated editing tools and components for custom content design.

Powerful Database

Information database system allows user to import/export data with ease.


Easy to learn. JoyGuide3is a point-and-click designing tool. Entirely without code.


JoyGuide3supports variety of peripheral devices. Works with camera, barcode scanner, printer and more devices.

JoyGuide3, The best KIOSK software editor - Innovative functions

Combine functions of your desire to create an ideal solution.

Store Searching System
Coupon Database System
Advertisement Carousal System
Stores Management System
3D Map Route Guide System
Billboard System
Photo Booth System
Main Database

A variety of custom design templates for you choice, complete your solution just in a blink of an eye.

3D Floor Map

Department store advertising billboard

Simple and bright, suitable for large space display solutions

Effective use of space to achieve higher advertising revenue . JoyGuide3 has a fully functional carousel system. Arrange the advertising schedule to make the information closer to the target customer. Provide consumers with instant promotions. Reduce paper usage and don't need to go to the floor to change the information board.

Recommended with 42”all-in-one stand-alone KIOSK

Joyplux Technologies high resolution, high brightness KIOSK. We recommend that 42" or 55" be best placed on the department store. This model is a stand-alone stand design, no need to purchase any other equipment, and it is easily to maintain.

Products Identificationof product
42” All-in-one touch
stand-alone KIOSK
55” All-in-one touch
stand-alone KIOSK
42” All-in-one
stand-alone KIOSK
55” All-in-one
stand-alone KIOSK